The Powder Coater
Volume 1, Editor Mario S Pennisi
Published by © Coatings & Fabrication
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The Powder Coater is a compilation of the special issue articles written by Australian as well as international specialists.

The book is divided into six sections:
Technical articles on powder coating technology.

  • Why apply powder?.
  • Preparation prior to powder coating.
  • Metallic powder coatings.
  • The powder coater and the fabricator.
  • Testing.
  • Equipment Maintenance

Management Issues.

  • Quality Assurance.
  • Product liability.

Metal finishing processes other than powder coating.

  • Zinc.
  • Mechanical plating.
  • Flame spraying.
  • Black oxide coatings.

Environmental issues.

  • State by State issues.

Questions and Answers

  • Questions from applicators and answers from our experts.
  • Check Lists for powder processes.


  • Standards news
  • Products
  • Supplier companies
  • Powder application companies
  • Editorials - the editor has a say!
  • Conference reports
  • Have you heard this one?
  • Skills for a powder coater

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Why Powder Coating?
Advantages - physical and chemical properties.

Economic Advantages of Powder Coating
Materials, operating and environmental advantages.

Powder Coating Materials
Thermosetting, thermoplastic.

Hanger Design for Powder Coating
Custom and stock designs, design considerations.

Production Analysis
Five-year production plan, establishing a hang pattern, future production considerations, theoretical conveyor line speed, batch or conveyorised systems.

Process Definition and Specification
Selecting the right powder, writing a process specification.

Surface Preparation Chemistries
Soils, substrates, cleaning, rinsing, iron and zinc phosphating, chromate and non-chromate coatings, sealer rinses.

Surface Preparation Methods and Equipment
Spray wand treatment systems, immersion pretreatment systems, recirculating spray washers, determining the number of stages for a process, waste treatment, monitoring and control of pretreatment systems.

Dry-off Methods and Equipment
Blow-off methods, dry-off ovens, part cool-down.

Powder Application Methods and Equipment
Process description, delivery and application equipment, gun movers and positioning devoices, alternate application methods, equipment safety.

Powder Booth and Recovery Systems
Process description, powder booth airflow, booth enclosure design, powder recovery, powder recycling, styles of powder booths, colour change considerations, colour change procedures, contamination issues, process control in powder coating systems, powder booth and recovery safety considerations.

Powder Curing and Ovens
Types of cure ovens, convection ovens, direct and indirect fired ovens, infrared ovens, dual-type ovens, induction ovens, combination dry-off and cure ovens, and oven balancing.

Part Conveyance Methods and Equipment
Methods and applications of part conveyance.

Compressed Air Systems & Requirements
Terms and definitions, compressed air supply systems, general description of compressors, considerations in selecting an air-compressor, compressed air thermal conditioning and purification equipment, air regulators.

Special Design Considerations
Other special considerations.

Powder Storage and Handling
Purchasing considerations, container size, shipping, long-term storage, nightly clean-up procedures, conditioning, industrial hygiene.

Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Issues
Health and safety considerations, regulatory considerations.

Quality Control Methods and Terms
Test methods and equipment, quality standards, quality training, film defects, tracking of defects.

Statistical Process Control
What is statistical process control?
Implementation of a SPC program.

Repair of Rejects
Quality acceptance standards, scrap versus rework, rework procedures, washing and pretreatment, the rework station.

Hanger Maintenance
When to strip, stripping methods, environmental and safety considerations, stripping method selection, hanger repair.

Appendix A
A "Case Study".
Appendix B
22 PCI technical briefs.
Appendix C
9 recommended PCI test procedures. Appendix D
Maintenance checklist.
Appendix E
PCI trouble shooting guide.
Appendix F Miscellaneous.

Roger Talbert
(58 pages)

Introduction Washer Design
Cleaning Rinsing
Substrates Performance Testing
Phosphating Troubleshooting
Waste Treatment  

Roger Talbert
(141 pages)

Introduction Powder Spray Booths & Recovery Systems
Powder Spray Application Equipment Pretreatment & Washer
Powder Formulation Powder Systems Design & Operation
Ovens Troubleshooting
Conveyor Continuous Improvement

Roger Talbert
(111 pages)

System Layout Paint Waste Reduction and management
VOC Abatement Spray Washers
Spray Booths Waste Treatment
Ovens System Operating Expenses
Conveyor Air make-Up & Ventilation
Coating Process Quality Control