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Coatings & Fabrication is a tabloid format trade magazine that is published quarterly and distributed to all surface finishers including electroplaters, autocatalytic coaters, powder coaters, abrasive blasters, painters, e-coaters, anodisers and galvanizers as well as fabricators in the sheet metal industry, fence manufacturers, the balustrade and railings industry and all stainless steel fabricators and aluminium fabricators nationally as well as some in New Zealand, Singapore and South East Asia.

It offers:
· A unique blend of news and useful easy to understand technical articles.
· Editorial written and prepared by technically competent staff.
· Frequent fresh initiatives and new products.

Included is a unique “Response Form” assisting the reader to easily obtain more information on editorial, technical articles and advertised products.

Advertising Rates

Full Colour
Full Page
$ 2398.00
$ 2244.00
$ 150.00
Half Page
$ 1496.00
$ 1254.00
$ 120.00
Third Page
$ 1320.00
$ 1188.00
$ 100.00
Quarter page
$ 1023.00
$ 880.00
$ 80.00
Eighth Page
$ 583.00
$ 440.00
$ 60.00
Inserts to 25g for distribution up to 6000 copies $1694.00/piece, max 25g per issue. Inserts above 25g, add $0.25/piece. Broken distribution add 15% to per rata charge

All prices include GST

Loadings and Discounts
* Preferred positions 10%.
* Inside of Coatings or Fabrication cover 30% (Colour only).
* Front Covers (1/2 page minimum, Colour only):
   Fabrications cover Plus 50%. Coatings Cover Plus 70% (Packages available).
* Repeat advertisement discounts:
   2 consecutive: 10%; 3 consecutive: 12.5%; 4 consecutive: 15%.

Materials Specifications

Size and Orientation Dimensions
Full Page
375 x 245
5 mm all round
Half Page Horizontal
245 x 180
120 x 375
Third Page Horizontal
245 x 120
  80 x 375
Quarter Page Horizontal
                     Vertical Strip
245 x 85
120 x 180
  60 x 375
Eighth Page Horizontal
120 x 85
  60 x 180
(All dimensions in millimetres, width x height)

Special Coaters Package

Save! And prevent your competition advertising in Coatings & Fabrication.

Coaters unique exclusivity; a special 1/8 page investment package for $1196.00 per annum - contact for details. Also includes

Postcode Groups (separated by;): Codes in Black are available for investment.

Australian Capital Territory: 2575-2589; 2590; 2591-2599; 2600-2639; 2640-2647; 2649-2656; 2657-2660; 2661-2707; 2708-2714; 2716; 2720-2730; 2900-2920

New South Wales: 2000; 2001-2003; 2004-2005; 2006-2009; 2010-2011; 2012-2018; 2019; 2020; 2021-2032; 2033; 2034-2036; 2037-2054; 2055-2114; 2115-2126; 2127-2144; 2145-2159; 2160-2202; 2203-2239; 2240-2263; 2264-2338; 2339-2412; 2413-2430; 2431-2459; 2460-2483; 2500-2554; 2555-2574; 2740-2786; 2787-2820; 2821-2844; 2845-2877; 2878; 2879-2880; 2890-2899.

Victoria: 3006; 3011-3046; 3047-3100; 3101-3148; 3149-3180; 3181-3210; 3211-3289; 3290-3291; 3292-3316; 3317-3319; 3320-3334; 3335-3341; 3342-3424; 3425-3443; 3444-3454; 3455-3461; 3462-3463; 3464-3487; 3488-3599; 3600-3749; 3750-3764; 3765-3799; 3800-3811; 3812-3909; 3910-3920; 3921-3925; 3926-3944; 3945-3971; 3972-3978; 3979; 3980-3983; 3984-3999.

Queensland: 2484-2494; 4000-4004; 4005-4072; 4073-4209; 4210-4299; 4300-4349; 4350-4499; 4500-4549; 4550-4601; 4602-4618; 4619-4689; 4690-4736; 4737-4805; 4806-4824; 4825-4834; 4835-4850; 4851-4899.

South Australia: 5000-5005; 5006-5199; 5200-5261; 5262-5263; 5264-5266; 5267-5299; 5300-5310; 5311-5349; 5350-5356; 5357-5359; 5360-5413; 5414-5449; 5450-5472; 5473-5499; 5500-5522; 5523-5549; 5550-5599; 5600-5749; 5800-5879; 5880-5899; 5900-5930; 5931-5999.

Western Australia: 6000-6005; 6006-6099; 6100-6214; 6215-6299; 6300-6399; 6400-6499; 6500-6507; 6508; 6509-6637; 6638-6646; 6647-6699; 6700-6799.

Tasmania: 7000-7003; 7004-7199; 7200-7247; 7248-7250; 7251-7499; 7500-7799; 7800-7899; 7900-7999.

Northern Territory: 0800-0834; 0835-0859; 0860-0879; 0880-0899; 0900-0999.

Completed Artwork

Only high resolution digital material is acceptable. A hard copy proof or digital proof (.pdf file) must accompany all advertisements.
Digital files will be printed as per the proof and charged accordingly.

Setting by Coatings & Fabrication

When advertisements are set by C&F a charge will be made – see “Advertising Rates” table

Photos and Line Work

.tif or high resolution .jpg or .eps files scanned at 300dpi in CMYK Colour.


An official order or a deposit of 50% of the TOTAL AMOUNT is required when the advertisement is placed. The remainder is due and payable at production of proof or 7 days from the date of the invoice (see terms and conditions that form part of this offer).
A contract discount of 15% for 4 consecutive insertions applies providing full payment is received with copy approval. Payment by credit card is acceptable.
For overseas advertisements prepayment in full is required before press time.

Enquiries Advertising Enquiries/Material and Editorial Address

Mario Pennisi,
Coatings & Fabrication
PO Box 6198
Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD 4122
Telephone: 07 3849 6460
Facsimile: 07 3849 7302


Coatings & Fabrication is distributed free* nationally and internationally to over 5,000 persons.
NT 30; TAS 50; WA 475; SA 500; QLD 1600; VIC 1500; NSW 1800; New Zealand 150; Singapore 130
+  Over 75% are individually addressed.
+  Aimed at Proprietors, Managers and Production Supervisors and operators.
+  It addresses technical and management issues for metal finishers, coating applicators and fabricators.
* Conditions apply


Distribution by States and Countries (Total 6235)
Fabricators (Total 2518)
Coaters (Total 2593





Distribution by Coaters (Total 2593)





Distribution by Fabricators (Total 2518)






Published quarterly in December, March, June, September


The features are repeated each year as follows:

September, Vol Y No 1: BIRTHDAY EDITION. Deadline: 24th August Features: Coatings: Environment, Cleaner Production, General Management Fabrication: Environment, Fabrication Methods, Cleaner production

December, Vol Y No 2: CHRISTMAS EDITION. Deadline: 24th November Features: Coatings: Equipment - Abrasive Blasting, Powder Application, Chemical Fabrications: Sheet Metal Machinery, Fabrication Equipment

March: Vol Y No 3: Deadline: 25th February Features: Coatings: Preparation for Coating-Chemical and Mechanical, Equipment, Coatings-Powder Fabrication: Preparing for Fabrication, Finishing.

July, Vol Y No 4: Deadline 20th June Features: Coatings: Training, Coatings-Powder, E/Coating, Electroplating, Anodising Fabrications: Training, Metals and the Fabricator, Galvanizing, Metal Spray

PLUS Regular Features: The Management Page, ANTA News, Calendar of Events, Sister Associations, Courses/Meetings/Seminars, Q & A, New Products, Standards News, New Faces, Response Form, Subscription Form.

Editorial Policy

Editorial will be accepted from Australian as well as International authors. An international panel of peers will referee research papers. A local editorial committee will review other material.

Editorial is sought in five distinct categories:

  1. Entry-level articles for newcomers to the metal finishing or fabrication field. These would include introductory information, use of Standards, tools, case studies, etc. Up to 2500 words, including high resolution graphics.
  2. Technical papers for the Professional - cutting edge technology. Up to 2500 words, including high resolution graphics. Academic format, please, ie abstract, introduction, etc, references.
  3. Research/academic papers developing new concepts, ideas, up to 2500 words, including high resolution graphics. Academic format, please, ie abstract, introduction, etc, references. A double blind review process is in place.
  4. Advertorial. Describing a specific process, product or service. Part of an advertising package. Up to 100% equivalent space as the advertisement with or without high resolution graphics. A notation may be made that it is an advertorial.
  5. New Products editorial always accompanied with a high resolution photograph/graphic and usually with a paid advertisement. Up to 350 words.

Please forward all editorial to: The Editor, Email: or Facsimile: 07 3849 7302.

Terms and Conditions

1 Acceptance of Orders

  • All orders placed with Coatings & Fabrication or quotations accepted by any person or company ("the client") shall only be accepted subject to these Conditions of Contract and subject to the satisfactory completion and approval of any Account Application. Coatings & Fabrication may at any time and from time to time alter these Terms and Conditions and such altered Terms and Conditions shall apply after notification by Coatings & Fanrication to the client.
  • All Quotations are valid only for a period of thirty (30) days and Coatings & Fabrication may refuse any purported acceptance after that time at its discretion and without being liable to give any reason.
  • Coatings & Fabrication shall have the right to vary any quotation by notice in writing in the event that any legislation or regulation by any Government Authority varies any cost component of the Contract.
  • The client acknowledges that it does not rely on any representation made (if any) by or on behalf of Coatings & Fabrication in relation to the commercial value of services provided by Coatings & Fabrication and relies entirely on its own enquires and evaluations in relation to the commercial value of any such service.

2 Insurance

  • Any materials provided to Coatings & Fabrication remain the responsibility of the Client
  • Notwithstanding delivery of materials by a client to Coatings & Fabrication all risk in the materials shall remain with the client and the client shall indemnify Coatings & Fabrication against any loss or damage to the materials and shall effect and be liable for such reinstatement and replacement insurance in respect of the materials as the client deems necessary.

3 Client Materials

  • Sketches, drawings, layouts, copyrighting or designs and other work and materials furnished by or adapted by Coatings & Fabrication and any blocks, negatives, dyes, plates, colour separations or software programs or adaptations thereof by Coatings & Fabrication shall remain the exclusive property of Coatings & Fabrication and no use shall be made and no idea obtained therefrom shall be used without the written permission of Coatings & Fabrication . The client warrants that any reproduction by Coatings & Fabrication of any matter provided by the client shall not contravene the rights of any third party.
  • The client and/or agents acting for and behalf of the client upon and by lodging material with Coatings & Fabrication for publication of any material indemnify Coatings & Fabrication its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of the foregoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of titles, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights of privacy and warranty that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities to Coatings & Fabrication, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of being misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1984.
  • Advertising accepted for publication in Coatings & Fabrication is subject to the conditions set out in the Advertisement Rate Card and the rules applicable to advertising laid down from time to time by the Media Council of Australia. Every advertisement and all editorial copy is subject to approval by Coatings & Fabrication. No responsibility is taken for any loss due to the failure of an advertisement to appear according to instructions.
  • The client shall provide such materials and approve such proofs as required by Coatings & Fabrication and shall do everything reasonably requested by Coatings & Fabrication to enable it to provide the service as referred in any quotation. For multiple issue advertisements Coatings & Fabrication reserve the right if copy change is not submitted by closing date of current edition, the previous copy will be run.

4 Placement of Advertisement and Editorial

Editorial: All copy submitted is subject to appropriate editing and will be placed at the discretion of Coatings & Fabrication.

  • Advertisements: The positioning and placing of an advertisement within the accepted classification is at the discretion of Coatings & Fabrication except where specifically instructed and agreed upon by Coatings & Fabrication.

5 Terms of Payment

  • A deposit of 50% of the advertising price is required with order. The balance will be payable on production of proof. 5.2 All invoices are nett 7 days from date of issue. 5.3 Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month will be payable on accounts in arrears for more than 30 days.